H-alpha Full Sky Map


Data Files v1.0: Download either the Cartestian projection or the HEALPIX projection.

Cartesian (8640 x 4320 Projection - 2.5' pixels)

Halpha_map.fits - The H-alpha map in Rayleighs (150 MB)
Halpha_mask.fits - Bitmask described in paper
Halpha_error.fits - Error estimate for each pixel (ignoring covariance) (150 MB)

HEALPIX (Galactic, nested) - all files are 6' FWHM beam.
Note: the Nside=256 and 512 files are here by popular request.
They are badly undersampled, and attempts to violate the Fourier sampling theorem will be prosecuted!

Nside Pixel map mask error
256 13.8' Halpha_fwhm06_0256.fits Halpha_mask_fwhm06_0256.fits Halpha_error_fwhm06_0256.fits
512 6.9' Halpha_fwhm06_0512.fits Halpha_mask_fwhm06_0512.fits Halpha_error_fwhm06_0512.fits
1024 3.4' Halpha_fwhm06_1024.fits Halpha_mask_fwhm06_1024.fits Halpha_error_fwhm06_1024.fits

Douglas Finkbeiner, dfinkbeiner@cfa.harvard.edu