Douglas Finkbeiner, Professor of Astronomy and of Physics

My Picture University of Michigan, double major in Physics and German (1994)
Ph.D. from Berkeley Physics (1999)
Hubble Fellow, Russell Fellow, Princeton Astronomy (2001-2006)
Faculty, Harvard Astronomy Dept. (2006-present)
Faculty, Harvard Physics Dept. (2009-present)
  1. Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
  2. Bio - Brief biographical sketch
  3. - dust map, H-alpha, etc.
Trinity College, Cambridge, UK (June, 2008)


April 3, 2014: Does dark matter make the excess gamma rays in the inner Milky Way? Press release and March 10, 2014 APOD

February 27, 2014: Gamma Rays from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark Matter arXiv:1402.6703

February 27, 2014: Can inelastic WIMP scattering make a 3.5 keV X-ray line? arXiv:1402.6671

January 7, 2014: How do you make a 3D dust map? Read this to find out!

January 7, 2014: This year's Bruno Rossi Prize goes to the Fermi Bubbles. Thanks to all who made this possible! (see here)

December 3, 2013: Our cleaned up all-sky WISE 12 micron map is out. See and arXiv:1312.0947

October 15, 2013: More Andromeda dwarf galaxies discovered by Pan-STARRS1: arXiv:1310.4170 and arXiv:1305.5301

January 18, 2013: Hunting for dark matter with Fermi: BBC News     (Radio interview here)

January 10, 2013: What keeps me awake at night? LA Times

September 4, 2012: My thoughts on the microwave haze, posted at Cosmic Variance

May 29, 2012: CfA press release on the Fermi jets
Our paper is accepted by the Astrophysical Journal and is available at arXiv:1205.5852

and has been reported by
Nature News (Ron Cowen)
Scientific American (John Matson)
Astronomy Magazine

and also... Slashdot

Old links for Fermi bubbles and other projects are here

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