Douglas Finkbeiner, Professor of Astronomy and of Physics

My Picture University of Michigan, double major in Physics and German (1994)
Ph.D. from Berkeley Physics (1999)
Hubble Fellow, Russell Fellow, Princeton Astronomy (2001-2006)
Faculty, Harvard Astronomy Dept. (2006-present)
Faculty, Harvard Physics Dept. (2009-present)
Director, SIAG (2022-present)
  1. Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
  2. Bio - Brief biographical sketch
  3. - dust map, H-alpha, etc.
Trinity College, Cambridge, UK (June, 2008)


Harvard-Smithsonian Phone: (617) 384-8393
Center for Astrophysics, MS 51 FAX: (617) 495-7093 
60 Garden St. Cambridge, MA 02138 Office: Perkins 252