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Fermi bubbles:
Nov 9, 2010: NASA media telecon on the Fermi Bubbles.
Nov 9, 2010: CfA press release on the Fermi bubbles
Click here for the Fermi bubbles paper by Meng Su, Tracy Slatyer, and myself.
Click here for an earlier paper on the Fermi haze by Dobler, Finkbeiner, Cholis, Slatyer, and Weiner.

Selected articles:
The New York Times
Science News
Agence France Presse
Los Angeles Times
Sky and Telescope
USA Today
Huffington Post
Discovery News
National Geographic

El Pais (Spain)
La Repubblica (Italy)
Herald Sun (Australia)
The Hindu (India) (Germany)
Radio Utopie (Germany) noting the connection to processions of small children with lanterns on St. Martin's Day (Nov 11).
L'Express (France) (Russia)
Xinhua (China)
Sina (China)
Wired (Japan) - translation of Dave Mosher's article with a nice image of M82 added.
Inilah (Indonesia)
El Universal (Mexico)
El Comercio (Peru)
Haaretz (Israel)

The Astronomy Picture of the Day (10 Nov 2010)

Cool NASA Video here shown on CCTV (China) here

Excess gamma-rays detected by the Fermi satellite:
Is Fermi Seeing Dark Matter? Sky & Telescope, 10/28/2009
Findings on Mysterious Haze at Galaxy's Center, The New York Times, 10/30/2009
Emission Impossible?: Is Dark Matter Behind the Hazy Radiation at the Milky Way's Center? Scientific American, 11/3/2009

Electron cosmic rays (mentions our work):
A Whisper, Perhaps, From the Universe's Dark Side, The New York Times, (Science Times front page) 11/24/2008

Dark-sector forces:
New Theories May Shed Light on Dark Matter, Scientific American, 11/10/2008

Exciting Dark Matter (XDM) and the 511 keV line:
The Not-So-Dark Matter, Scientific American, p. 22, 4/2007

The WMAP microwave haze:
Milky Way's radiation shows up a dark centre, New Scientist, 10/16/2004
Universe reveals its dark side, Physics World, 5/28/2005, p. 20

Microwave emission from spinning dust:
Spinning Around: Astronomers are listening to space dust, The Economist, 11/15/2001
Piercing the haze, New Scientist, 11/17/2001 (The title is misleading; this article has nothing to do with what became known as the microwave haze)
Swirling Dust, Scientific American - News Scan, p. 23, 1/2002

The cosmic far infra-red background:
Background Radiation: Glow in the Dark, Scientific American, March, 1998, posted to the web on 1/13/2009

Selected Blogs:
Fermi bubbles and the Microwave Haze, Cosmic Variance / Discover Magazine, 9/4/2012
Possible Dark Matter Signs At the Core, Slashdot, 11/3/2009
Has Fermi Seen New Evidence for Dark Matter? Cosmic Variance / Discover Magazine, 10/28/2009
Seeing the Sky with Different Eyes, Cosmic Variance / Discover Magazine, 8/28/2008